Compare The Bowflex Tread Climber & Max Trainer To Decide

Both the Tread Climber and the Max Trainer are machines from the renowned fitness equipment company Bowflex. For anyone who is looking to get a good workout and who likes the Bowflex company, either of the machines would be a good selection. Of course each and every individual has different needs when it comes to working out, as well as different preferences. So it can help to look at a comparison of the Bowflex Tread Climber and the Max Trainer to see which one is better for you personally.

Any unbiased review is going to state that both of these machines as mentioned will give you a great workout. Personally, I have read some great reviews about both from the folks over at Flex Master. They give a great breakdown of the TC, and another solid write up about the MT. Some of their differences again deal with the type of workout they provide, which can cater to certain groups of individuals better than others. Another thing you want to know is that there are currently different models of each machine available. For example, there is a Max Trainer 3 and a Max Trainer 5.


When you take a look at the Max Trainer, you’re going to be thinking it’s an elliptical machine of sorts, and the Tread Climber resembles a stair climber. That is on difference you’ll notice right away just by sight. Again, to be fair, you have to compare the features of the different models. In this case, it might benefit you more to use the latest models, as those would be the ones you’re likely going to buy, unless you’re buying used fitness equipment.

The Tread Climber is known for an effective workout without causing you to have to move too quickly. It’s a low impact workout, yet you really get going still because you’re climbing. If you’re wondering how fast you can go, reviews say that you can climb up to four miles per hour. Don’t compare that to simply just walking on a treadmill, as the Tread Climber will get ya. Don’t worry about getting an effective workout with this machine.

When you’re comparing Tread Climbers, two examples would be the TC5000 and the TC3000. However, there’s also the TC5, the TC10 and the TC20. So you can see just how many models are available. Now, one thing you might want to know is if the machines are noisy. It is important to point out that the Max Trainer is supposed to be noisy, and that includes all models. As a matter of fact, it’s mentioned that the newer model is noisier than the older model.

The latest Max Trainer model has more levels of resistance, which is one thing you want to know about this particular machine for sure. In fact, it has 16 levels in comparison to the 8 levels of the previous model. The comparisons between these two types of machines and their various models goes much deeper than all of this though. You also need to be doing a price comparison, as fitness equipment isn’t cheap. You want to make sure that you get the right machine for your home so that you enjoy your workouts.