Hot Tips for Working from the Cottage

(NC) Warm weather, blue skies and sunshine means cottage season for many Canadians. While spending maximum time at the cottage is the summer dream, occasionally that buzz from your phone can take you back to reality. It's a reminder that checking into the office is sometimes a must.

On days when you can't turn off, work through your emails and projects in true cottage style, by grabbing a drink and pulling up the Muskoka chair. Spending time in the sunshine can also make your workday a little less stressful. Check out these tips that will help you work efficiently so you can get back to your cottage experience:

A smartphone is a must. Freedom is essential when working from the cottage. A laptop can be bulky and some phones have essential features that can help you work from anywhere. A phone with a 5.7” screen or larger makes checking emails and reading documents easy.

Working on the move is easier with a stylus. Styluses are known to increase productivity as it lets you put pen to screen directly. Avoid having your papers blown away on a windy day! With a smartphone like the LG Stylo 3, the real pen-like stylus feature makes it easy to jot down notes in the thick of the country bush.

Get organized. A predetermined agenda can lead to more time out on the lake. Use your phone and stylus to write “to dos” in your memo. Take a few hours to get through the list of work, but when you're done, make sure to disconnect. Set your phone to “do not disturb” and enjoy your natural surroundings.