The 5 Keys to Planning a Family RV Trip Through Canada for the Holidays

If you've been searching for something “different” in terms of your holiday vacations, is there a reason why a Canadian RV adventure hasn’t crossed your mind?

Seriously, though: The great white north offers something for everyone whether you’re the typical “outdoor” family or you simply want to take in some breathtaking sights. The holidays are likewise the ideal time to check out what the nation’s parks and campsites have to offer. After all, what says “holidays” more than mountains of white snow and calm, serene landscapes?

Of course, planning is oftentimes what turns off would-be RV adventurers from going on the vacation of their dreams. Despite popular belief, planning your RV trip through Canada doesn’t have to be rocket science. In fact, we’ve broken down the five most important tips toward making your picturesque trip an absolute blast.

Picking the Perfect RV

Whether you’re traveling as a small pack or a full-blown family reunion, you need to find an RV with the right amenities that can comfortably fit everybody in your party. Sites like Outdoorsy allow you to pick out RV rentals of all shapes and sizes depending on the needs of your family. Need Wi-Fi? A well-equipped kitchen space? Space for cots and beds?

These are all particulars you should take care of beforehand rather than have to worry about them on the road.

Prioritize Your Activities

Make it a point to mix up the sorts of activities you’ll be doing day-by-day. After all, perhaps not everyone in your family is the “sporty” type. On the flip side, you may have kids that want to go a mile a minute and need to be worn out as a result.

If you’re looking into skiing or snowboarding, for example, make sure to prioritize those activities first and foremost in terms of booking and your budget. Meanwhile, hiking and sightseeing can be done for next to nothing from the comfort of your campsite.

Meal-Prep is a Must

The biggest financial burden for most vacations is food; however, the fact that RVing allows you to cook your own meals is a major plus. There are tons of delicious camping recipe ideas out there which ensure that everyone stays fed without breaking the bank. Furthermore, cooking at a campsite is a fantastic way to bring your family together.

Timing is Everything

Try to make a point not to be on the road late at night, if possible. Confining your driving to the daytime makes sense for those who may be new to driving an RV. Similarly, double-check that where you’ve booked your campsites makes sense in terms of getting from Point A to Point B in a timely manner.

Plan for Some Downtime

Finally, make sure to carve out time for a sort of “lazy day” that allows everyone to recuperate before heading back home. The mere act of spending more time in nature is a joy in and of itself, all the while mentally preparing you for your return drive.

The Canadian outdoors is absolutely gorgeous and makes the perfect RV destination for families of all shapes and sizes. By sticking to these tips, you’ll be well on your way to setting out on your trip and making memories that’ll last a lifetime.