Unexpected ways Marine Environments are Helping the Economy

(NC) As Canada continues to develop its green economy, some scientists are turning to the deep blue for solutions. Studies on the country's three coasts are tapping into the power of natural renewable resources to convert them into energy.

In the Bay of Fundy, scientists are working on turning ocean currents into electric currents. Up north in Inuvik, on the shores of the Beaufort Delta, researchers are studying the use of wind turbines, powered by gales created over the Arctic Ocean. On the west coast, the shores of the Pacific Ocean have been identified as having some of the best wave energy potential in the world.

As these projects are transformed from research into reality, they stand to benefit the Canadian economy, giving rise to new energy industries and potential relief to commercial and residential energy consumers.

Even Canada's marine transportation industry is doing its part. Under the newly established Oceans Protection Plan, innovative hydrographic charting technology will increase marine safety while allowing commercial ships to change course by following charted paths.

The Oceans Protection Plan is just one way the Government of Canada is protecting waterways and safeguarding marine life.