3 Ways You Can Help Protect Canada's Ocean and Marine Life

(NC) You may live far away from a coastline, but that doesn't mean you can't do your part to protect Canada's ocean ecosystems. Here are some ways you can help preserve Canada's marine environment

1. Shop sustainably. Seafood makes for a delightful dish, but overfishing and unethical capture methods can negatively impact both marine wildlife and the environment. Look for fish products that are labelled as sustainable when you are at the grocery store, or inquire with your local fish market about their suppliers' harvesting practices.

2. Skip the microbeads. From toothpaste to facewashes, some of our everyday toiletries contain plastic microbeads that get carried into waterways and do not disintegrate. These microbeads can be consumed by aquatic organisms of all sizes, and have a negative impact on their growth and development. They have even been labelled a “toxic substance” by the Government of Canada. Make sure to read the labels on your household products to ensure you are not purchasing items containing microbeads.

3. Stop dumping contaminants down the drain. Many of Canada's waterways are connected, meaning that contaminated waste can be carried vast distances. Instead of dumping your kitty litter or chemicals down the drain, find out how your municipality disposes of harmful products.

The Government of Canada is on board to do its part too. The Oceans Protection Plan will help restore coastal habitats, while protecting marine environments and communities from potential ecological risks. This includes oil and chemical spills, as well as the hazards posed by abandoned, derelict and wrecked vessels. It's also working to lessen the impact of day-to-day vessel operations by improving navigation systems to avoid accidents.