How You Can help Keep Canada's Open Waters Safe

(NC) Canada is a country made up of and surrounded by bodies of water, and with summer around the corner, many of us are gearing up and heading out to the waterfront for recreational boating and fishing trips.

Warmer temperatures also mean the ice that has covered some bodies of water all winter has now melted, creating more open water and a busy nautical highway for shipping companies.

To enjoy pristine waters and keep them safe for our families and marine wildlife during this period of increased traffic, it is important for both recreational and commercial boaters to follow certain navigational protocols, to avoid environment-damaging accidents.

In an effort to protect the environment in a commercially active marine sector, the Government of Canada's new Oceans Protection Plan is improving commercial practices on the sea and in the Great Lakes to make navigation safer, reducing the risk of boating accidents.

The improved real-time maritime information can provide valuable information to mariners. Like a beluga whale using echolocation to navigate through the waters, this cutting-edge technology uses multibeam echo sounders to measure the shape of the seafloor and coastline, while also recording water depths, rocks and hazards.

It also helps to keep our marine transportation system moving safely and efficiently, especially in high-traffic areas.