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3 Tips to Help you Find the right Neighbourhood

(NC) Whether you are moving across the city or across the globe, finding a neighbourhood that suits your lifestyle likely tops your to-do list.

“Buying a home and choosing where to live is one of the most significant decisions in our lives,” says Ivy Chiu, senior director for cultural markets at RBC. “If you're new to Canada, take your time to ask questions, learn about the market and various neighbourhoods, and think through what is important to you before making a decision.”

Consider these tips when narrowing down your search.

Budget: When you are looking for the perfect property to rent or buy, budget is a major consideration. Understanding your priorities — whether they are location, type of home or nearby amenities — will help narrow the scope of the search. In Canada, banks offer extensive assistance to newcomers and can help you find your dream home. Consulting with a mortgage specialist is free, and they can meet you at your home or another location convenient for you.

Education: A neighbourhood with good schools is an obvious priority for people with children. Research available options and services, like athletic programs, English or French as a second language, and support for students with special needs to find the area that works best for you.

Community: Feeling connected to your neighbours can have a significant impact on your experience. Do some digging to find out more about what's available based on your interests, like social programs, volunteering or local attractions. These extras may help seal the deal.

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