Some Surprising Facts About Nutrition Supplements

You have probably come across the term ‘nutrition supplement’ many times nowadays as there is much buzz with it. While some people consider taking nutritional supplement is good for health some raise its adverse side effects on the body. In between these controversies, you may find yourself in a fix whether these supplements are good or bad for your body.

Let’s have a look on some essential information about nutrition supplement that may help you to know the truth.

  • Right Dose of Nutrition Is Essential for Our Body

First of all, you need to ensure that your body gets adequate amount of nutrition that it needs every day. Here if you think that you can cover up the need of nutrition by taking supplements, then you are wrong. Nutritional supplements like multivitamins only offer a certain percentage of nutrients in the body that is used to nourish the specific health concerns. Even sometimes these supplements add those nutrients that your body may not need. Hence, multivitamins only offer the baseline for your nutritional need.

  • Specific Nutritional Supplement for Specific Needs

Just because vitamin D supplement works on your friend, does not mean that it will also work on you. If you take lots of fat fish like tuna, salmon, consume enough milk and soy milk and go for the morning walk every day, you may not need this supplement.


In fact, the amount of supplementation differs from one person to another. It has been proven that supplementation works best when it is chosen for your individual health by assessing the individual health condition, eating habits, genetic map and lifestyle. Usually, supplements are prescribed to cover up the weak points of your body. That’s why people without any kind of nutritional deficiency are likely to get any significant result.

  • Go for Natural Supplements

One truth about the synthetic versions of vitamins is that they are not only less effective, but also dangerous for health. Some researches show that vitamin A supplement can promote the risk of lung cancer.

But what about finding the precursors of vitamin A that are abundantly found in beta carotene, chlorella and other whole foods? If you get them naturally, you don’t have to worry. In fact, there is no comparison of natural substances of nutrition with those prepared in the chemistry labs. It is found that the synthetic form of vitamins and minerals may disrupt the way our body use nutrition.

  • Always Prioritize Quality

Do you thick some flaccid spinach that has been stored inside your refrigerator for more than a week can give you the same amount and quality of nutrition as the moment when it was first picked from the garden? Certainly not!

Hence, there is no need to assume that all nutritional supplements are of same quality. In the same way, if you randomly pick a multivitamin from your nearby medical store, chances are there that your body may be confused to choose and use the right nutrient element among many of the nutrients present in the multivitamin. Hence it cannot offer the right benefits.

Therefore, it is better to choose quality nutrition supplement for your body that can meet the tailored needs of the body. And the best way is to choose the nutrition supplement is to take your doctor’s advice.